"I have a lot of odd looking moles, particularly on my back which I had been worried about for some time. I visted the Mole Scanning Clinic and was completely reassured my moles were normal."
Ellie Stopher - Wimbledon
Chris Grace - Editor of All About Weybridge
"I received a very thorough examination at the Mole Scanning Clinic. The results showed that these 2 lesions were indeed suspicious. I'm pleased that I took the decision to make the appointment and can strongly recommend this high quality service."
Edward Hadworth - PrintME London
"The mobile Mole Scanning service suited my schedule and I was delighted and relieved everything checked out okay.
I liked having the mole mapping photographs taken, so if I have any new or changing moles they can be compared."
"I got my histology results back today, you were absolutely right with your diagnosis! The mole on my thigh turned out to be a melanoma but caught early, so I am very happy!"
Susan Morgan - Weybridge
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