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SENDING OFF PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR MOLES TO BE ANALYSED BY SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN YOU CAN BE DANGEROUS…BECAUSE…HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH MOLES ARE SUSPICIOUS AND WHICH ARE INNOCENT?…AND MOLES CAN BE MISSED ON AREAS OF YOUR BODY NOT EASILY SEEN BY YOU.... There are apps available for your smartphones which claim to give you answers on the state of your moles/lesions but they will not assess them if you have dark skin or are sunburnt, if the mole/lesion has been previously excised or biopsied, under the nail, close to a scar area, under tattoos, covered with hair or in a skinfold.


Our Mole Scanning & Screening process uses the latest technology in skin cancer accuracy. It is a first class service and is more likely to be accurate than checks done by GPs, as many simply do not have time in their busy surgeries to carry out a full top to toe examination or are not trained in Dermoscopy.


What happens during a Mole Scanning consultation?

A Specialist Nurse will take a history from you and make a risk assessment from previous sun or sun bed exposure, genetic and visual information. You will be advised on how to minimise your risk. Sun advice and skin cancer leaflets will be given.

If requested, a full body examination is performed using an illuminated magnifying aspheric lens and dermoscopy. If any unusual moles or lesions are found they are marked with a washable marker pen, possibly shaved if in a hairy area, measured and an additional diagnostic assessment is offered using a specialist SIAscope scanning camera. The results and scoring system will be discussed immediately unlike some clinics that send photos away. If the score is in the suspicious range you will be sent your report, scan and referral letter to see either your GP or Consultant for treatment/removal depending on the findings at Mole Scanning. This process eliminates any doubt that a GP may have about the health of your mole and speeds up the referral for removal.


Will it hurt?

No. Mole Scanning is a painless, non-invasive, safe and rapid investigation using a special camera that can analyse structures in the skin up to 2mm. deep. It can detect many types of suspicious lesions at the early stages, before they become apparent to the naked eye…. tell tale signs of potential skin cancer by finding holes in collagen, melanin in the dermis and unusual blood vessel formations that could be feeding a tumour.


How long will it take?

A full examination and assessment will take approx. 45 minutes. If needed, individual mole scanning would take an additional 15 minutes per mole. An hour is allocated for new patients.


What happens next?

Mole Scanning is designed to give you immediate reassurance if the mole is found to be non-cancerous. Your report and colour analysis print or pdf of your moles is given or sent to you.  If deemed necessary, the nurse may advise you to return to monitor your mole more frequently than the usual annual mole check. Your original scan is compared next to the current one for any changes not visible with the naked eye. This could mean catching early changes or avoiding unnecessary removal of innocent moles/lesions.

If you have any further questions the Specialist Dermoscopy trained Nurse will be happy to answer them.

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