Do I need a GP referral?


No, you can book directly. A doctor’s referral is welcome but not required.


Is it important to have a full ‘top to toe’ examination when I only have one mole I am concerned about?


Often patients may have a particular mole that is worrying them which may in fact be innocent. During a full examination another mole or lesion that you had not noticed may be found to be suspicious. In addition, you may not be able to see all your skin yourself or know what to look for. The nurse will teach you what to look out for. However, you may have individual moles scanned if you wish.


How long will it take to get the results of my Mole Scanning?


Mole Scanning is designed to give you IMMEDIATE REASSURANCE of a non-cancerous mole unlike some Mole Clinics. Your findings will be discussed at your appointment and your report will be sent by email that same day. If any scans are taken the colour analysis print out or pdf of your mole/lesions are sent to you immediately by email( the same day). If the score of your SIAscan falls into the suspicious range you will also have a referral letter to take to your GP/Consultant to eliminate any doubt and speed up the process of having your mole removed. Removal or treatment of moles/lesions/skin tags for cosmetic reasons can be arranged. Alternatively,we can closely monitor your innocent mole with re scans to avoid unnecessary removal. Optional photographs are taken if you have numerous moles for future comparison at your mole screening check ups.



I don’t have any moles but I have something else on my skin that wont heal. Should I come to your Mole scanning Clinic to have it checked out?


Yes, it may not be obvious to you as a melanoma but there are other non-melanoma lesions that may need to be removed. If left it may be quite disfiguring. SO IF IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT!

I enjoy getting a tan by taking a holiday abroad every year.I dont want to give it up but I am concerned about the long term effects of too much sun.I have a mole on my face that worries me but I dont want to bother my GP.I would welcome a quick check up. Can you give me some advice without the nagging lectures?


Most of us enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin.It makes us feel good.By all means enjoy the sun but protect your skin with a good quality sun screen,a higher SPF the fairer you are, and a wide-brimmed hat ,UVA and UVB sun glasses and dark shirt.Try the Spanish way of life-a long lunch in the shade to avoid the midday sun followed by a ‘siesta’. We provide you with up-to date sun advice leaflets to take away and read over a cocktail watching the sun go down….. for peace of mind come in and get your moles and lesions checked out!

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