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14 Uplands, Ashtead ,Surrey, KT21 2TN.
Available : Monday - Friday 10am-6pm, Saturdays 10am - 2pm by appointment only.

Full Body Mole/lesion Screen: £100


Individual Mole/lesion scan: £40 for the first, £25 for each scan thereafter


What happens during a Mole Scanning consultation?


• Up to an hour with a skin cancer dermoscopy trained specialist nurse including a THOROUGH full top to toe visual dermoscopy check of ALL skin lesions not just the ones you may have been worried about or shown to your GP during a rushed surgery appointment.


• Dermoscopic imaging of lesions/moles that require further assessment using a SIAscopy scanner detecting potential skin cancer. Results and scoring system discussed immediately, unlike some clinics that send photos away for analysis.


• Expert up to date advice on skin care and sun awareness.


• Colour PDF images and report of your moles/lesions.


• Photos taken and follow up system for re checking and sizing of moles/lesions,thus avoiding unecessary removal of innocent moles and potential scarring.

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14 Uplands, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2TN

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